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Apply for the American Indian Services Scholarship (AIS) | Check Eligibility, Applications requirements, Important Instructions & Process to Apply for the AIS Scholarship. Candidates must be Northern Native American Indians who are enrolled in a 4-year institution, 2-year institution, or technical institute.

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About American Indian Services College Scholarship

Candidates must be Northern Native American Indians who are enrolled in a 4-year institution, 2-year institution, or technical institute. The purpose of the AIS Scholarship program is to provide Native American undergraduate students with financial assistance so they can enroll in college, continue their studies, and complete their degrees. Scholarships are given to students directly by the school and can cover up to half of their tuition and other expenses for the term for which they are seeking. For application purposes, students must have their own email addresses.

Host Organization: American Indian Services (AIS).

Scholarship Name: American Indian Services College Scholarship.

Eligible Candidate: Candidates must be Northern Native American Indians who are enrolled in a 4-year institution, 2-year institution, or technical institute.

Number of Awards: N/A.

Awarded Every Year: Yes.

Awarded Amount: Amount Varies.

Academic Credential: University / Junior College

Majors: Technical Program.

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American Indian Services College Scholarship Eligibility:-

  1. Enrolled or planning to enroll as a matriculated student at an American university, college, junior college, or technical school (incoming freshman accepted)
  2. Must be enrolled in, or will enroll in, a school that is accredited. (Accredited schools can be found here; contact your school to confirm. Your school is not qualified if it is not accredited by one of the organizations.
  3. A person who has been enrolled in the U.S. federally recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe (find out how to get in touch with your tribe, petition for enrollment, or request a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood here).
  4. A student enrolled in undergraduate studies with no more than 210 quarter credits or 150-semester credits (first bachelor’s degree only: graduate studies NOT presently eligible)
  5. Status, whether full-time or part-time, excludes non-credit courses (minimum of 6 credits)
  6. After your first semester or a quarter of college, you must establish and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25.

Application Required for the AIS Scholarship:-

Applicant’s Photograph: The photo must be current. Old, frayed, blurry, or filtered images or a copy of your ID won’t be accepted, even if it isn’t professionally done. The image will be distributed to prospective donors who might contribute to your scholarship and/or used for promotional purposes.

Evidence of heritage: Proof of Heritage is required to demonstrate that you are either a registered member of a federally recognized tribe or that you are not registered but are a base-roll member’s ancestor. If you are a descendant but are not enrolled, you must provide documentation of your relationship and enrollment. You can request a statement from your tribal enrollment office or apply to the BIA for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood. Visit this page to learn how to get in touch with your tribe, enroll, or apply for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.

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Essay: The essay is a text box on the application itself rather than a real document that you upload. What is contained:

  • Describe yourself to us. (For instance, something unique about the area where you were raised, encounters with your tribe or how they affected you, your family’s personality, difficulties you overcame to pursue your education, etc.)
  • Desired career sector (uses a dropdown list).
  • Why did you pick this profession?
  • Please include a justification for your need for this award.

Official Tuition Billing Statement: an equivalent that is acceptable The term you are applying for and the tuition cost must be included in the statement. Acceptable substitutes:

  • Your name, the term you are applying for, and the projected cost of tuition for as many credits you intend to take for that term are all listed in the letter with the estimated cost of tuition from your school.
  • Instead of a tuition statement, use a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) form. Other organizations’ FNAs won’t be accepted. Please be aware that FNAs are only available for full-time status. Tuition statements for the current academic year are now being accepted.

Current Transcript (can be unofficial): Do not hold off on submitting your most recent transcript until your final grades have been released. A certified copy of your transcript is free. An unofficial transcript may be submitted. Transcripts from high school or the GED are only accepted for the first two terms for entering students.

Thank You Letter: (only necessary if your application is accepted.)

How to Apply for the AIS Scholarship?

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements by reading them.
  2. Complete the online form.
  3. Upload each of the necessary documents by the deadline.
  4. If rewarded, send a letter of appreciation.

Important Date:

Application Closing Date: November 1st, 2022.

Important Links:

Scholarship Official Page:Click Here
Organization Website:Click Here
Apply for the Scholarship:Click Here

Inquiry Contact:

If You have any Queries, Regarding the Scholarship please Contact:-

American Indian Services
170 South Interstate Plaza Drive, Suite 200

Lehi, Utah 84043

Contact: (801) 375-1777


Call: 801-375-1777 ext. 1002.


American Indian Services Scholarship Amount?

Cover the Cost of tuition fees.

AIS scholarship deadline?

November 1st, 2022.

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