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About Bey & Associates Scholarship

“Students” the breath-stopping moment is ended now, it’s time to announce a beautiful moment. Bey & Associated has announced a Scholarship for needy students. Generally, the Bey & Associated Scholarship is for those students who are actually facing financial struggles to reaching their education needs. Bey & Associates wants to uplift the education life of the poorer students who are actually deserving and hard working. This is a wonderful opportunity for needy students to have a good educational future for their further life. This Scholarship would like to do that how we can to make it easy for students to reach their goals and achieve their dream as soon as possible. Its personal injury law firm is offering a once-yearly $1000 Scholarship to the students who are attending or planning to their first year of college or graduate school. This Bey & Associated Scholarship is in existence since 2017. And now it’s accepting the submission for the shortfall of 2021. The Students who want to be awarded will need to submit an essay on the topic which is given below. The essay must be written 500+ words.

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Bey & Associated Essay topics

The interested students will have to write an essay of more than 500 words on the following topics.

The topic is :

  • What’s the oddest family tradition you have?
  • Who Started it and when?
  • What Does it entail?
  • Why is this tradition special to you and your family?
  • Do you plan to continue it, why or why not?

Bey and Associated, LLC will decide its winner according to some terms and conditions. winner will decide after the application date will be closed. The person who will be awarded his/her essay must explore and prompt a unique fell & depth. Bey & Associates Search for an essay that is based on students’ creativity and feasibility. Moreover, the candidate must have the ability to properly craft an essay. It will also include correct spelling and grammar. The winning candidate’s essay will be published.

Qualification for this Scholarship:

Candidates who want to qualify for this Scholarship must follow the following guidelines.

  • Candidate must attend or plan to attend college, university, or graduate school in the US.
  • The candidate is in the first year or entering into 1st year.
  • All Applicants must have a U.S mailing address.
  • Candidates will have to submit a digital copy (PDF, JPG, or PNG), acceptance letter with the official college letterhead. If you don’t have a letter, They will also accept other proof like an email from the college from where you stating your first-year digital transcripts or screen short of the first-course load.
  • This Application is also open for transfer students.

Application Process

  1. Candidates fave to submit a digital copy of the acceptance letter from college or graduate school,  they have to tell about themselves briefly in their Bio and can also add a photo.
  2. Students can email their applications to The subject line for this particular email is must start with their names and then followed by “Fall 2021 Scholarship”.
  3. Candidates must write their name, address, phone number of their current school in the email body.
  4. All essays should be attached to your mail (DOCX or PDF) and essays must be written in an MLA format.


  • candidates must keep in their mind that all documents are attached to a single email. Must check that all information regarding this scholarship is correct or not.
  • All candidates have to write the essay according to the topic otherwise the essay will be ignored by the association.
  • we will not able to reply to most of the emails .so please don’t send follow-up emails.
  • Students please read this page carefully and follow the written instructions. we don’t have time to answers all the emails.

Proofread everything before you are sending.

If anyone fails to follow the application process do not abele to qualify it. 

Application Deadline

The deadline for the Fall 2021 scholarship is Friday, July 16, 2021. so candidates who want to apply for this must apply before the day will pass. we currently open for submission for fall  2021. This is a great opportunity for students, so students don’t miss the chance of getting this scholarship.

List of previous year winners

  • Fall 2017 – Toniann Mendelzon of Maryland – essay
  • Fall 2018 – Devin tucker of California – essay
  • Fall 2019 -Paris Pippen of Georgia – essay
  • Fall 2020 – Michael Lancaster of Massachusetts – essay
  • Fall 2021 – Abram Saroufim of missouri – essay

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